What is Design-Build? The design-build construction delivery method arose from the historical concept of a "master builder" - one who accepts full responsibility for designing and constructing a project from conception to completion. In design-build, a single entity works directly with you to produce a product that meets your needs.

How does Design-Build work? One team performs both design and construction for you. This is different than the traditional design-bid-build method where the client seeks out an architect to prepare drawings and specifications, and then separately selecting a construction contractor to bid and build the project.

What are the benefits of Design-Build to you,
the homeowner?
1 – Single Point of Responsibility
In the traditional design-bid-build method, you must (a) select an architect, (b) create and then finalize the design, (c) bid the project, (d) select a contractor, and then (e) act as mediator between the architect and the contractor. In contrast, the design-build method provides a single source of contact for your entire project. When you have a question, concern or idea, you don’t have to wonder who to call. Rather than responsibilities being distributed among various entities, design-build provides one source for you to work with throughout the project.

2 – Better Cost Control
For the cost-conscious homeowner (and who isn't these days?), design-build is the logical choice. Discussing budget during the design phase – and not having to wait until the bids come in – helps to establish project feasibility and financing from the start. Our ability to estimate and share with you the cost implications of design decisions and changes offers you the opportunity to control costs and stay within budget as the project progresses.

3 – Enhanced Communication
Design-build eliminates miscommunication and the finger pointing which may occur when architects and contractors work separately and try to protect themselves from liability. The communication benefits of working simultaneously with a design professional and construction expert ensure that potential problems are discovered as soon as possible - most often before the project starts.

4 – Quicker Project Delivery
Design-build projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time because (a) bid time is reduced, (b) scheduling can begin during the design process, (c) potential construction issues are revealed and can be redesigned before they create a problem, (d) your design-build expert keeps the project moving without any delays due to coordination difficulties between architect and contractor and (e) materials that usually have long lead times can be ordered early on in the design phase.

5 – Quality Assurance
The long-term free market rewards honest, ethical business practices and quality work, while on the other hand, exposes/eliminates deceptive, unethical behaviors and shoddy products. A. W. Wendell & Sons, LLC has been in business for over 90 years. Our longevity speaks for itself.

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